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Catching up!

It definitely has been a while since I posted and I do apologize. I have been SUPER busy. I am here at school using my time very wisely…and updating my blogs.

Halloween was great! Jaxon did such a great job trick or treating.

Faster than a speeding bullet…more powerful than a locomotive….look up in the sky…its a Bird…it’s a plane…NO it’s SUPER JAXON!!!!



He walked and walked until he could not walk anymore. His legs literally gave out from under him.


Once we got home, he was surviving on adrenline alone. He did not want to go to bed.



The Hill family Halloween…>Cesear, flapper and Superman.

THe hill family






And last but not least…check out the video my wonderful SIL captured…I have great friends HUH? Ammie getting scared

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Awesome kids

So I have a new group of kids this year and I am so excited to be their teacher.

 Their humor is awesome and they are quite diverse. I hope to keep you all entertained with their antics!

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New Year…New me

I am SOOOO excited about the up coming school year. I have pretty much done all I can to my classroom, set up my blog and mentally prepared myself. A large portion of my kids are new to me and I am VERY excited about that. I pray for an exciting, fun, engaging year.

I am trying to take a different approach to my class and my kids this year. New technology and a new discipline system….more to come on that later!

Happy New School Year!!!!

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Another venture

I am so excited about my new venture! I am now a Stylist for Stella and Dot. If you have not had a chance to check this out…you need to!

What completes an outfit???? JEWELRY!!!!! Stella & Dot have beautiful, affordable jewelry. Half of the pieces are under $50!

Better yet, you have a chance to receive FREE jewelry. All you have to do is have a few friends over, grab a couple bottles of wine or make a yummy pot of coffee. I bring the jewelry, which you get to play with. That’s it!!!!

Here is my link…please let me know if you have any questions, or what date works better for you?

Ammie Hill, Stella & Dot Stylist

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Jillian and I are new friends.

So I decided to enroll in the JillianMichaels.com fitness/nutrition program. I knew i had to do something for regimented. Getting back from a 2 week vacation and having only ran once , I needed a jump start back to reality. Upon first looking at the information I felt quite overwhelmed. After taking a breath, I realized that I can do it.

I completed my first Jillian workout and it felt great. I was pushed to my limits and actually enjoyed it.

 After the gym, I headed to the store with my printed list of groceries.

The ingredients were plentiful but interesting.

I was very excited to make my first Jillian meal….Crab Stuffed Zucchini and Sauteed Garlic Grean Beans!DSC00468DSC00470


 WOW!!!! It was delicious!

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Beverly Hills and beaches

Hello world….thought I would take a minute from our busy trip and fill you all in!  We have been blowing and going.

We began with a 25 hour drive from Granbury to Long Beach, CA. Jaxon did quite well considering he just got over a 4 day virus of 104+ temperatures.

The ladies decided to take a girls trip to Beverly Hills and tour the shops. OMG….what an experience. Everything is so beautiful. The shops, the cars, the people. We had a blast!  I had to buy something on Rodeo Dr. SO I decided on Tiffany & Co. I purchased a beautiful starfish necklace.




The next couple of days we did some beach hopping. VERY COOL. I put the towel down. Got Jaxon all sun-screened up and we headed to the ocean. We got close and waited for the waves to hit us. When they did, holy moly….that water is COLD!!!!  Needless to say, Jaxon and I stayed up on the beach and played in the sand.


We still have lots of playing to do. I will post again soon.

Happy Trails!

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Oh how I love Pei Wei

I am pretty sure mom and I made up an excuse to go into Fort Worth today just so that we could eat Pei Wei. OH MY…it was just as wonderful as I had remembered. Living in the boonies Granbury, we do not have the wide array of establishments as do bigger cities. The whole way to FW I was determining what wonderful dish I would partake in….my decision was the Pad Thai bowl. It was just as wonderful as I had imagined the entire 30 minutes of driving. pei wei

photoI am equally excited to have my son join in on the Pei Wei fun. He scarfed up those noodles and honey seared chicken. I was so proud!




Have a great weekend….I’ll be posting again soon!

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Eclipse and a glass of wine

SO I finally went and saw “Eclipse”. I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, there are a plethora of cheesy parts, but for the most part is was quite entertaining. What made it even better was the company I kept and the giggles we created during the movie. My mom, Courtney(best friend), and Keri (friend and SIL of best friend). We left the kids at home with the dads and had a girls night with some buff werewolves and sexy vampires.

We chose the Movie Tavern to watch so we could dine, wine and watch all at the same time.  Great atmosphere, great prices and most importantly – great company.

Thank you ladies for a great evening.

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The yummiest lunch and a new Iphone app

I discovered the yummiest healthiest sandwich I have had in a while. I so wish I had taken a picture.

  • whole wheat English muffin
  • 2 oz sliced turkey
  • juicy slice of tomatoes
  • 1/3 of avocado spread on one slide
  • olive oil drizzled on tomato
  • add cracked pepper

OMG!!!!!!!! I already want another one! I served it with a side (1/2 cup) steamed broccoli. 375 calories….VERY filling!


I recently came across a better fitness app than ‘LoseIt’.     ‘DailyBurn’…you can sync it to your home computer and there is a nifty app on sale for 99cents, called Daily Burn Scanner. You scan bar codes with your IPhone camera and the nutritional value pops up (on most everything.) Hope you find this helpful. If there is anything in particular you would like to see me add with in the fitness/funkness category, let me know!

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I got a wild hair….actually several

photoSo with it being summer = summer vacation; I decided to do something fun and totally not like me.  My girlfriend/hair dresser suggested that I try colored hair extensions. They are not permanent and I can cut them out whenever I would like. So….I did it! I am very pleased and I have received several compliments…however the hubs isn’t quite sure yet. Hopefully they will grow on him!

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