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Catching up!

It definitely has been a while since I posted and I do apologize. I have been SUPER busy. I am here at school using my time very wisely…and updating my blogs.

Halloween was great! Jaxon did such a great job trick or treating.

Faster than a speeding bullet…more powerful than a locomotive….look up in the sky…its a Bird…it’s a plane…NO it’s SUPER JAXON!!!!



He walked and walked until he could not walk anymore. His legs literally gave out from under him.


Once we got home, he was surviving on adrenline alone. He did not want to go to bed.



The Hill family Halloween…>Cesear, flapper and Superman.

THe hill family






And last but not least…check out the video my wonderful SIL captured…I have great friends HUH? Ammie getting scared

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